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Find important things and student events regarding your studies on this page. Everything you need to know, you can find it here.

While we are updating this page, feel free to message us at for further assistance.

Humanitas is on your side…


We help new students, or ”freshmen”, to get started in their studies and student life.


We implement and organize various events that are good to be at.


We influence, monitor and
we participate. We are where we are needed.


We help students to finally move into working life after graduation.


Event calendar

Humanitas ry mainly organizes events related to advocacy and education policy, such as meetings, meetings and trainings.

However, the program can accommodate even the most entertaining events, such as sitzis and parties!

Course catalog

Find your course catalog from the link below.

About us

Humanitas Association, true to its name, is an advocacy organization for students.

The term ’advocacy’ can often carry a negative or tense connotation. The purpose of advocacy work is not to be inherently opposed to everything, but to collaboratively build an ideal Faculty of Humanities at the University of Turku – a place where learning, teaching, and research are not only of high quality, but also easy and enjoyable.

There are many tools of advocacy; for instance, a tripartite decision-making process at all administrative levels ensures that decisions are made with well-informed perspectives

Humanitas Association and student representatives in administration aim to convey information and fresh ideas from subject organizations to the faculty and the student union – and often vice versa